Use Your Product Delivery Packaging to Build Customer Loyalty

While every business wants to acquire new customers, it’s equally as important to retain your current ones. To turn a one-time buyer into a return customer, you need to build customer loyalty and surpass expectations with every sale. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this with your product delivery packaging.

Use On Demand Packaging®

In our previous blog post, you learned most shoppers consider a company’s product packaging and sustainability when they shop.  Shipping products in cartons that are too large for the product and use wasteful filler materials certainly won’t impress your customers. Make your delivery packaging more sustainable and efficient with Packsize On Demand Packaging®. With On Demand Packaging®, you receive a box printing machine that gives you the ability to create the right-sized box, on demand, when you need it; no more buying a set number of boxes from corrugated box manufacturers.

Offer Coupons

Everyone loves a great sale, and coupons are an effective way to encourage customers to make repeat purchases. A time-sensitive offer, such as 20% off sale items or $25 off when you spend $100 or more, drives shoppers to your business, while encouraging them to spend more money. By attracting customers to your store, coupons build brand loyalty, while setting your business apart from the competition.

Send a Personal Thank You Note

Make your customers feel special and uniquely valued by providing a personal thank you note with their package. A simple thank you card will be viewed as a thoughtful gesture and really make your business stand out. A handwritten note is best, but printed cards will also do the trick. Address your customers by name, thank them for their business, mention specific details about their purchase (such as, I hope you enjoy your [insert product name]), and close with a friendly but professional signature (i.e. Sincerely, Cheers, Best, etc.).

Advertise Your Brand

Make your business stand out by incorporating your branding into your delivery packaging. Branded packaging provides a unique and powerful opening experience for your customers and keeps your company fresh in their minds. With Packsize Custom Printed Boxes, you can display a repeat image of your brand logo so that it’s featured on every side of the package. Custom Printed Boxes raise brand awareness, while adding personality to an otherwise generic product package.

By incorporating these tips into your product delivery packaging, you can encourage repeat purchases and build customer loyalty.