Packsize is building sustainable housing for our future.

At Packsize, one of our core values is sustainability. We believe in sustainable business and sustainable living. With the human population set to reach 11 billion in the next hundred years, humanity will have to find creative new solutions with food, pollution, and housing.

That’s why Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner is excited to announce Homesize™, the sustainable housing initiative. By building prefab homes with our On Demand Packaging® machines, we can create fast and affordable housing for large segments of the population.

“When we originally started Packsize, the main idea was to eliminate all the extra space in the shipping container,” says Hanko Kiessner. “I thought, why not eliminate all the extra space in the home too?”

The first group to pilot this program will be Packsize employees. “They don’t know it yet, but they are going to be so excited when they see their brand new 100 percent corrugated cardboard home,” says Kiessner.

Move-ins for current employees will begin on April 31st.

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