How Distribution Packaging Produces Business Efficiency

As children, we often found ourselves less excited with the toy and more excited with the big cardboard box it came in. We would spend hours using our imaginations to turn that cardboard box into a house, plane, or anything that we could come up with in our little minds. Even as adults, we still continue to be enthralled with the unusual pleasure of popping the hefty amount of bubble wrap accompanying our online orders. But let’s face it. These oversized boxes and infinite feet of bubble wrap are just examples of unnecessary waste. Though some of us may enjoy the mess, we are left with a cumbersome clean-up that can be prevented with better distribution packaging. Distribution packaging companies, like Packsize, specialize in creating cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for both your business and the consumer.

Sometimes, the way a product is packaged just doesn’t make much sense. As a business, when you look at the size of your product in comparison to how big its shipping box is, do you equate that to lost profits and missed opportunity? You probably should. With On Demand Packaging® options, you can cut down your shipping costs by using right-sized boxes for your product, saving you money in the process. Right-sized boxes ensure that your product is packaged more securely, cutting back on returns from consumers for broken or damaged items.  Furthermore, logistical distribution packaging can help to minimize the need for void fillers like packaging peanuts and air pillows. Minimizing your usage of void fillers can help reduce costs, allowing you to redirect those resources toward better company and product services.

Through technological efforts, better distribution packaging facilities increase workflow and production speed. This packaging technology sends order information to the distribution center. Boxes are made when necessary and aren’t just sitting around, driving up your costs and wasting resources.  Producing boxes on demand can cut down on packaging processing time, speeding up product delivery, improving your customer satisfaction and business profits.

Aside from saving money and resources, which is always a good thing, better distribution packaging is a more sustainable method of distribution. By utilizing On Demand Packaging®, businesses find that they have been able to improve their carbon footprint by producing less waste. Adopting a more sustainable method of packaging solutions allows for less impact on the environment by slowing down deforestation, preventing more air pollution, and lessening the impact of waste on landfills.

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