How Businesses Save Money with Packsize® Box Making Machines

As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways your company can save money and operate more efficiently. One area where you can boost your organization’s cost-effectiveness is your warehouse.

Despite the modern technology available, many businesses are still living in the past when it comes to their product delivery packaging. Perhaps you’re still ordering a set amount of boxes and shipping your products in containers that are too large. Or, maybe you’re using cheaper but poorer quality packaging materials. Guilty? Find out how organizations experience cost-savings and increased efficiency with Packsize’s box making machines:

Lower Shipping Costs

Your product packaging has a direct impact on shipping costs. Last year, FedEx and USP started charging dimensional (DIM) weight pricing on all ground packages. With DIM pricing in effect, it’s important for businesses to use the right-size shipping container to minimize their shipping costs. Without box making machines, your company might be using standard-size boxes that aren’t custom-made to fit your products. This results in wasted space, which translates to a greater shipping expense.  A box making machine allows you to create the right-size box for the products you need to ship, in real-time. With smaller boxes, your shipping costs will be significantly reduced.

Reduced Corrugated Consumption

When you use smaller boxes, you sizably reduce your corrugated cardboard spend, while eliminating the need for unsustainable  filler materials, such as packaging peanuts.

Optimized Storage and Distribution

Making changes to your packaging can help you better optimize your warehouse space and reduce the cost of product distribution. As box making machines let you make the right-sized box in real-time, they enable you to get rid of that large box inventory. You can use your warehouse for what you intended, while improving on-site efficiency. Additionally, with smaller boxes, you can fit more onto the truck, conveyor belt, or any other part of your supply chain.

Minimized Product Damage

When you use boxes that are too large for your products, you risk them jostling around in transit and getting damaged. Damaged products have a big effect on your profit margin, especially when considering refunds and redeliveries. Not to mention, damages can negatively impact customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.  Using the right-size box strengthens the safety of your products to reduce the risk of product damage.

These are a few ways Packsize box making machines help companies save money. Visit us online to learn more ways you can save with Packsize.