Ditch The Cumbersome Cardboard Cube With On Demand Box Manufacturing

When it comes to shipping, one size most definitely does not fit all. Those in the manufacturing industry tasked with shipping countless goods on a daily basis have for far too long relied upon the standard off-the-shelf box. This tired option brings with it excessive shipping costs and a poor fit for so many items.

Think about it: How much unused space is in the packages that ships your product? To address this shortcoming once and for all, On Demand Packaging® should become the new norm for your manufacturing business. In this article, we’ll explain how a strategically-placed machine in your facility will cut down on wasted space and increase income by lowering costs and increasing shipping efficiency.

For many in the manufacturing industry, the push came to shove in 2015 when major shipping companies rolled out dimension weight pricing. Through this new methodology that factored in weight and size, even smaller packages were subjected to standardized pricing that wasn’t always accurate. As a result, some companies were forced to pass the increased shipping fees on to their customers or just “eat” the excess costs. Neither of which are ideal options, so many in the manufacturing industry began considering manufacturing boxes on-demand as a way to slim down the size of the parcels they were putting in the mail.

For those who haven’t researched this route yet, the benefits of on demand manufacturing are numerous. For starters, the ability to create a customized box on the spot — as the product gets ready for shipment — is a game-changer. You’ll free up space in your manufacturing facility by getting rid of cardboard box stockpiles. In turn, you can fill that new void with inventory. The box itself will fit your item far better than a cumbersome cardboard cube that the traditional box represents. For those in the shipping business, a smaller box also means more room to fit additional packages into the same vehicle. If “green” technology is part of your company’s culture, then it’s hard to argue against a machine that does more with fewer resources, which so often end up in the trash heap.

All you need to reap any of the above benefits is an investment in a custom corrugated box-making machine. At Packsize, our iQ, EM, and X series box-makers can cut, crease and perforate as the best box design possible is created for your item. Never fill a mostly barren cardboard box with packing peanuts again; take advantage of the cutting-edge services that On Demand Packaging® for manufacturers offers.