Consider Custom Packaging Design To Escape Inflated Dimensional Weight Pricing

In a perfect world, everything you’ve shipped and will ever ship would fit neatly into a box. The shipment would be both affordable and convenient to send out to your customers. Dimensional weight pricing (DIM) did away with that in 2015. This new practice means shipping companies like FedEx and UPS charge by the approximate size of the package as well as its weight. That means shipping companies are factoring for length, width and height of the box to determine the estimated shipping cost. Industry experts say the impetus for the change in long-standing policy was that companies couldn’t churn a profit off of shipping low-density packages. This applies to items going out by both ground and air travel, according to, so there’s really no way for your company to get around paying more for a service you have come to depend on.

As you may have guessed, the actual weight of a package is often less than its calculated dimensional weight. A standard 12” x 12” x 12” box has a DIM weight of 10 lbs — or the weight of a bowling ball. Many companies that need to fit things neatly and safely into a box for shipping purposes are still working to figure out this relatively new protocol. The question then to companies who frequently use national shipping services is how to cut cost and not corners while still factoring for DIM protocol. Given that previous Packsize studies have revealed the average package contains 40 percent empty space, this policy should become a prime concern for your company.

What we firmly believe the perfect answer is building boxes to better fit the items going out in the mail and the best way to do this is with Packsize’s On Demand Packaging®. Imagine a machine that can be installed in your warehouse near the outbound shipping department. As an item bound for a customer reaches the final stages, the box making machine will automatically create with a box that has been tailored to fit the item you need to send out. It’s really that simple and those who fail to factor for the recent DIM pricing are going to lose out on profit — or even general revenue that’s going to keep you in business. That’s why investing in a custom box-maker is so important; your you’re cutting down on dead space inside the package and in your warehouse.