6 Ways to Improve the Online Shopping Experience

Online shopping continues to rise and shows no sign of slowing down. A study released last year found nearly 70 percent of Americans shop online at least monthly, with 33 percent shopping online weekly. To capitalize on the growth of online shopping, a lot of retailers are taking their businesses to the web. As the ecommerce market gets more competitive, here are some ways to improve the online shopping experience to keep customers coming back.

Make your site responsive

Before the boom of smartphones and tablets, online shopping was done on laptops and desktop computers. Now that mobile devices are mainstream, a large percentage of purchases are made using smartphones and tablets. To ensure your customers have a positive shopping experience—on any device—your website should have a responsive design. With a responsive design, your website will be attractive and easy to use on all platforms.

Include customer reviews

Your customers trust other customers. Unlike your marketing copy, customer reviews are viewed as unbiased and honest. Reviews can tell shoppers more about a particular product and its performance, and give them the push they need to follow through with a purchase that they would have otherwise been unsure about. Because shoppers don’t have the physical product in front of them, they heavily rely on customer reviews. If your products don’t have reviews and a competitor’s do, then a consumer will likely buy from the other business (as long as the reviews are mostly positive).

Use great product photos

Unlike in-store shopping, an online shopper can’t physically see and touch a product. You want your online customers to be able to see the product and envision themselves using it. Give them peace of mind that what they are buying lives up to their expectations by using great product photos. Your photos should be clear and offer a look at the product from different angles.

Make search easy

People who come to your site may be searching for something specific. Rather than making them waste time by shifting through every product page, your site should include a search option that leads them to the product they came for, as well as similar products that they may not have even considered. Include a search bar at the top of your site page, where shoppers can simply type in what they need. Also offer a search tool that lets them browse items by category and price.

Offer real-time assistance

Make yourself available to your customers. Offer a live chat that allows customers to communicate with you in real-time. A live chat system enables customers to get quick answers to their questions, without having to wait for an email response or waste time on the phone.

Reduce customer complaints

The experience with your business doesn’t end once the customer completes their order.  It continues throughout the product’s fulfillment and delivery process—until that product is in their hands. Wasteful packaging and product damage will hinder a customer’s satisfaction and the to your brand. Reduce complaints and damage with a box making machine from Packsize®. A Packsize® box making machine lets you create the right-sized shipping containers for your products. This eliminates wasted space and the need for unsuitable packaging materials, like plastic and foam peanuts. With no wasted space, your products are less likely to shift during transport and more likely to arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

These are a few ways you can improve the online shopping experience for your customers. With these tips, your business can offer a more personal experience, set your store apart from the competition, and encourage repeat purchases.

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